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Alphabetize Video

Jan 21

Take a video, and put it in alphabetical order; be it a Taylor Swift song, or the entire Star Wars franchise.

Obscure Tube

Jul 20

Makes a montage consisting of 1.5s clips from youtube based on the provided topic. However, the videos are only included if they were released within the last 24 hours and have less than 50 views...

Bucket Sift

Apr 20

Generates metadata about public S3 bucket files without needing S3 command line tools or credentials. Useful for bug bounties!

Face Averaging

Dec 19

The how and why generating the average face of a nation's population is harder than it sounds

Faster Lectures

Sep 19

Using a conglomerate of cutting edge technology, trim down the length of time university lectures take to digest. Reach improvments of anywhere between 10-15x

Link Manipulation Phishing

Sep 19

Tricks browsers and users to get them to click on a misleading link. Even the cautious aren't protected...

Digitize Printed Photos

Jul 19

Do you have photos that you only have printed and not saved in digital form? This tool helps digitize your physical library into a digital one to preserve your memories forever

I've made a blog

Jul 19

You heard that right! It'll likely lead to me explaining tech things in laymen as a resource for me to point people towards


Jun 19

Converts an image into a line of text that, when opened looks like a corrupted file, unless you know how to decode it

Visible Hidden Messages

May 19

Encodes messages in plain sight. Store secret data in messages that you send to friends

Top 10 Baby Names

May 19

Shows the shifting leaderboard of the ten most popular baby names in NSW by year from the 1950s-

Extract Lecture Slides

Apr 19

Turns a recorded lecture into a PDF with slides shown in the video. Useful for when lecture slides aren't released alongside the video

Monte Carlo Pi

Oct 18

Estimates pi based off calculating the difference between random raindrops landing on a square and circle with an equal diameter

Traffic Camera Timelapse

Sep 18

Create a timelapse of all NSW traffic cameras provided from the RMS with views ranging from Pacific Highway to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, an easy way too see Sydney's real-time congestion at a glance

Speed Camera Geocoding

Apr 18

Plots all NSW speed cameras on a map by deobfuscating English descriptions of speed camera locations

Daily Sydney Temperature

Dec 17

A graphical representation of every single recorded daily temperature of Sydney since 1860

Video Object Recognition

Oct 17

Using YOLO9000, classify objects in a video for use with computers that aren't compatible with CUDA by processing individual frames rather than a single video file

Sydney Traffic

Jun 17

Displays the state of Sydney's traffic with a grid of public NSW traffic CCTV cameras

Sydney At A Glance

May 17

See every public transport vehicle in NSW moving live around a map with real time information on occupancy, traffic, whether the service caters for the disabled, what the next stop is etc...

Framed Movies

Nov 16

Get the average colour of every frame in a video and create a lovely colour timeline

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