A little Python goes a long way

Purple Teaming (the art of replaying adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures in a controlled manner to identify opportunities for improvement within a SOC/environment) sucks. For each testcase there's oodles of datapoints to capture, and once captured, how do you capitalise on all that data? It's overwhelming, it's tedious, and it's slow. Sure there are tools online that improve on what was once tracking data manually in spreadsheets, but they're proprietary, clunky and inflexible.

If you think this is sounding like an infomercial where I tell you there's a better way to do something - let me introduce you to PurpleOps. She's a deployable web app for Red and Blue teams to track Purple Team data. Create assessments, plan campaigns, import testcase templates, track testcase results and identify key areas for uplift.

PurpleOps has been in the works for years between myself and my good friend Willem. In gratitude to the open-source community we've open sourced it allowing any organisation to drive better Purple Teams for free. See more at: purpleops.app

Interface screenshots